Conventional beacons are undirectional. The b.cone is First in the World Directional Beacon providing to Measure the Angle-of-Arrival


Conventional beacon allows for smartphone app to measure only the signal level or distance on the assumption of calibration. One b.cone additionally allows to determine the angle of departure of the radio-wave. The b.cone - the world first angle-of-departure beacon.

Virtual Cone

We call it b.cone. It is not an empty word. Our b.cone generates in surrounding 3D-space an electromagnetic field, directly detectable by smartphone as a cone with vertex at the location of b.cone.

Nanopositioning for Everyone

You can simply get one b.cone, download the software in sources or binary and make your own smartphone high accuracy positioning app. People without special skills can do it

Three times effective

Now at least three conventional beacons have to be used for positioning of mobile device. The directivity of the b.cone is so high that mobile positioning become available with only one beacon. The number of beacons can be cut three times


The b.cone is not a special device. It is a standard Bluetooth Smart beacon. It supports all existing beacon standards. A patent is pending only for super-directional antenna design

Soft Directivity

One amazing feature of b.cone is that the angle of radiation cone can be tuned in a receiving smartphone app. We call it soft directivity. Each mobile device in a field of one b.cone can set it’s own directivity level

How it works

The Bluetooth 5 Standard is about to complete and will provide Angle-of-Departure feature for future Bluetooth 5 beacons. The b.cone provides comparable function right now for Bluetooth 4. Take a look how it works on video